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Our world are angles, traction forces and Newton meters. Reflexion and constructing is what we do best. We believe that the system has to align to the human, not the human to the system.
With our new MÖVE bicycles we bring together this passion, our company history and the future.

Der mechanische cyfly-Antrieb erstmals vorgestellt auf der Eurobike 2016

The heart of the MÖVE Franklin the cyfly- drive, a multi-joint transmission consisting of about 100 parts.


The brand Möve has a long and eventful history. From 1897 to 1947 the popular Möve bicycles were manufactured and distributed by the company Walter & Co. GmbH, making them one of the oldest bicycle brands in Germany alongside Mifa, IFA and Diamant. After the division into East and West Germany Möve bikes were manufactured from 1948 - 1961 by the VEB Möve factory Mühlhausen in Mühlhausen / Thuringia. Thereafter, the bicycle brand was broke.
The foundation for today's thinking was thus already laid in 1930: "In flight through the country with Möve" according to the then slogan, the old Möve. This slogan has become a kind of guiding principle and led to the emergence of Möve Bikes GmbH on 4 November 2014 with Tobias Spröte (founder / managing director), Marcus Rochlitzer (founder / chief developer) and Dominik Burre (founder) to revive the spirit of since 1961 stationary Möve. And, of course, to continue the story of the second oldest bicycle brand in Germany.

cyfly is the next chapter now

After three years of development, the cyfly drive is the core element of the Möve bicycles. Cyfly has been designed so that the multi-joint pedal crank provides greater torque and more efficient use of the cyclist's pedaling power. Cycling is easier even before a gear shift is used. Beyond cyfly, special attention was also paid to the frame construction. The frame was developed in collaboration with the University of Leipzig and a bike fitter, an expert in the interaction between the seating position and frame construction of the bicycle, which can adapt the frame particularly well to the ergonomic needs of a human body.
With the development of cyfly and the associated selection for the German Accelerator Program in Silicon Valley by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the course was set for the market launch of a new Möve bicycle. Further awards and promotions underline the innovative character of Möve Bikes GmbH. The modern Möve brand builds on the historic brand attributes of quality, functionality, attention to detail and comfort and develops them further with sophisticated technology. Möve addresses a technology and design conscious audience that enjoys discovering new things and "flying away" from others.

Die Möven

Hier sehen Sie Herrn Tobias Spröte - CEO & founder

Tobias Spröte CEO & founder
Hier sehen Sie Herrn Marcus Rochlitzer - CTO & founder

Marcus Rochlitzer CTO & founder
Hier sehen Sie Frau Jessica Koch - executive assistent

Jessica Koch executive assistent
Hier sehen Sie Herrn Christian Blaszczyk - purchase manager

Christian Blaszczyk purchase manager
Hier sehen Sie Frau Lydia Eisenblätter - marketing manager

Lydia Eisenblätter marketing manager
Hier sehen Sie Herrn Frederik Wassmann - development engineer

Frederik Wassmann development engineer
Hier sehen Sie Herrn Julius Legenmajer - development engineer

Julius Legenmajer development engineer
Hier sehen Sie Herrn Stefan Schubert - development engineer

Stefan Schubert development engineer
Hier sehen Sie Herrn Kai Göhring - development engineer

Kai Göhring development engineer
Hier sehen Sie Frau Katja Spröte - HR & legal department

Katja Spröte HR & legal department
Hier sehen Sie Frank Sigmund - mentor

Frank Siegmund mentor
Hier sehen Sie Herrn Henry Beck - professional triathlete | development

Henry Beck professional triathlete | sales manager
Hier sehen Sie Herrn Benjamin Müller | development

Benjamin Müller sales manager
Hier sehen Sie Steve Schmücking | development

Steve Schmücking workshop superviser  

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